How to put together a closet
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Closet is a very important piece
Of furniture in every home. Thanks to him, we can hide all the clothes, shoes and other items. Recently, a wardrobe has been very popular. The fact is that it is functional, practical and does not take up much space. Naturally, you can buy a ready-made product in the store, or you can order the manufacture of a structure from the masters.

However, you can install it yourself. In this article, you will learn how to put together a closet. So, first you need to decide where exactly the furniture will be installed: against the wall, in a niche, in the corner. It should be noted that this design is very practical and functional.
Also, it doesn't take up much space. Before assembling the closet, select all the necessary materials and tools. For work, you will need a drill, a screwdriver, a building level, self-tapping screws, and material (wood, chipboard, fiberboard, plywood). If you want to know how to put together a closet, the instructions will help you to do it. So, there is such a sequence of work: taking the dimensions of the future product, preparing a design diagram on paper, laying and assembling elements (walls, shelves, doors), installing a door.
Before proceeding with the design
You need to decide on the number of people who will use the cabinet, the estimated dimensions of the product, the material and its filling (shelves, hangers, drawers). If you have no idea how to put together a closet, don't be alarmed. With the help of the instructions, you can do everything quickly. You just need to do all the work accurately and slowly.
So, you drew a sketch yourself and decided on other parameters. For the cabinet to be placed close to the wall, the vertical shelves need to be cut slightly to fit in the plinth. In addition, the main racks should be placed strictly vertically (level) and dowelled to the walls. The edges should be sealed with a layer of wood to give them a complete look.
Since it is not difficult to assemble a wardrobe
As a whole, it is necessary to immediately determine whether a horizontal upper wall is needed or whether the product will be closed under the ceiling. After the frame is ready, you need to start laying the guide elements on which the door will be installed. Here you must be very careful and use the level. You can safely use a steel or aluminum profile as a guide element.
For a more durable accessory, you need to screw it to the frame from above and below. After placing the guides, you need to install the door and adjust it. For example, there should be a gap of several millimeters between the canvas and the floor. Otherwise, the door could hit the ground. At the last stage of assembly, you need to start filling the cabinet, that is, installing drawers, shelves, hangers.
To make the product look complete, you can paint or glue it with veneer. Naturally, it is necessary to install a special handle and strips on the door, which will hide the guide elements. If you have no idea how to put together a corner wardrobe, these tips will help you get the job done quickly and correctly.
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